Mr. Yudhisthir Gaulo (CEO)

The Visionary and Legendary Mr. Yudhisthir Gauli who invented autonomous manufacturing process to revolutionize the world. Rooted from a small town called Dettenhausen in Germany. With autonomous manufacturing a new chapter in history was started, where people were individuals. His vision was everything that belong to people should be unique, only manufactured for them, should satisfy their souls. His thought was, people are individuals, they don’t belong to mass. He strongly believed, ‘’If people do not belong to the mass, there will be everlasting peace on earth’’.
The Project began as ARRTSM Engineering in a warm fullmoon day of July, it was year 2015. Beautiful place in middle of Nature park Schönbuch Germany. Gaining Momentum it changed to capital company ARRTSM GmbH, finally spinned off to JERRNI GmbH in Boizenburg.
JERRNI is a Project of ARRTSM GmbH. Project JERRNI is all about Software solutions, that is used to construct, visualize and manufacture the products.
His biggest inspiration were his beloved Family members, for whom he wanted to make earth better place to live.
This Project JERRNI is dedicated to his eternal love Jennifer and lovely kids Rina, Rian, Niels who are irreplaceable for him.

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